What is Covered Under Porsche CPO?

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Porsche WarrantyThe Porsche CPO warranty is one of the best in the industry, renowned for its bumper-to-bumper coverage that lasts up to six years. New to the CPO coverage is unlimited mileage beginning with the sale date, as long as there is still some warranty during the time of purchase. If you purchase a Porsche that no longer has its original warranty, you can add two years with that unlimited coverage that begins from the date of purchase. As an added bonus, Porsche CPO requires no deductible.

The only downside to the Porsche CPO is that the language can be confusing, and that includes the warranty coverage dates. That’s why it’s always best to work with a local Porsche dealer who can help ensure you understand your policy and coverage. The CPO offers no loaner car service, complimentary maintenance, or financing deals, but you may be able to score these perks from a dealer when purchasing the vehicle.

Is Porsche CPO Transferrable?

The Certified Pre-Owned Porsche program is fully transferrable, and that’s one of the program’s biggest benefits. Also known as “Porsche Approved,” the CPO actually comes in two different programs. The first includes a 2-year extension to the warranty, which is a standard 4-year or 50,000-mile warranty. That’s how you can get to the 6-year mark. This program is reserved for those who purchase vehicles either almost new or when they are older but still have warranties.

The other program is specifically to secure a 2-year warranty even after the original has expired. This is what is offered to those who might purchase an older or used model that no longer comes with its original warranty. The two programs are similar, but there is that key difference in the overall length of how long you will have the warranty. Either way, these two programs require an “upgrade” to the warranty or expired warranty.

Can You Lease a CPO Porsche

Yes! You can absolutely lease a Porsche Certified Pre-Owned, which makes it as easy as possible to get behind the wheel no matter how you prefer to make that happen. Plus, the Porsche CPO program accepts cars that are up to 13 model years old, giving you as many choices as possible when searching for your dream machine. This is another way the CPO program is unique. For those looking for an older model, you can add a 2-year warranty to an expired vehicle up to 13 years old, which is unprecedented in the industry. In fact, no other manufacturer even comes close to this.

From having no deductibles for repairs to a fully transferrable CPO, there are many reasons drivers are seeking out the gold standard in vehicle CPO programs.  Choosing a CPO vehicle rather than another type of vehicle gives you peace of mind and security in knowing you’re behind the wheel of a proven, tested, and safe machine. All CPO vehicles are required to get a “pass” from a trained technician, and that’s exactly why warranties can be extended with these vehicles.

Benefits of a Porsche CPO

You already know that purchasing a used car can save you a lot of money. This means you can upgrade to a more luxurious trim or kit out the car with more bells and whistles. For those who enjoy leasing vehicles, you can take advantage of lower monthly rates. However, a CPO takes a used vehicle to the next level. You know that it has been thoroughly inspected and deemed in top condition. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to have an extended warranty. Start shopping for your Porsche CPO ride today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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