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Porsche Taycan Vs. Tesla Model 3: 2022 Model Comparison

Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model 3

This Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model 3 comparison page will stack these two EV rivals side by side and demonstrate how the Porsche Taycan is the superior vehicle. As competitive as Porsche racing heritage makes us, we’ll do our best to stay neutral. The EV specialists at our Porsche dealership have clearly outlined the key stats on these vehicles so you can come to your own conclusion, though we’re pretty sure we know what it will be.

Porsche Taycan vs. Model 3 Interior & Features

Since you’ll be spending most of your time inside the vehicle (though we understand why you’ll want to stare at it parked in your driveway), let’s take a moment to go over the highlights of the cabin experience — starting with the Porsche Taycan.

When you’re looking to immerse yourself in a world-class luxury cabin, there’s nothing quite like the Porsche Taycan as found in our new Porsche Inventory. You can wrap your interior in Race-Tex synthetic (though leather comes standard) or opt-in for upgraded leather seating from Porche Manufaktur. Either way, you’ll have over two-dozen colors and combinations to play with. Including endless personalization opportunities. Monogram your floor mats. Select from infinite contrast stitching options. You can even specify the color of your safety belt. Our infotainment center is stacked with features, including Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™. Though, we can’t say the same for the other vehicle.

The Tesla Model 3 is an acceptable choice, offering vinyl seating in black or white. When it comes to the vast array of design options inside the cabin, you’ll find that, well, there aren’t any. The cabin concept for the Tesla Model 3 is austere at best, leaving you to wonder if you’ve made the right choice in luxury vehicles. However, the Tesla Model 3 does come with an imposing center touchscreen that stands atop the dash line, blocking the visibility of the road. Every performance driver knows that you need more visibility, not less of it.

Porsche Taycan vs. Model 3 Range, Battery, & Performance

This portion of our Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model 3 comparison focuses on range, battery, and performance. Both of these vehicles will give you that sense of gravity-defying acceleration, but only one of them is designed to offer repeatable performance. This capability belongs to the Porsche Taycan, thanks to its 800-V battery architecture (found standard on all model trims). According to independent third-party testing, the Tesla Model 3 offers a 350-V battery that seems to lose performance.

The Porsche Taycan has an EPA estimated range of 227 miles, whereas the entry point on the Model 3 offers 272 miles.1 Both vehicles will offer DC fast-charging from nearly depleted to about 80% in as little as 20-30 minutes. In this regard, both vehicles appear to be similar, though the performance in the Porsche Taycan is proven to be sustainable.

2022 Porsche Taycan 2022 Tesla Model 3
Engine AC Permanent Synchronous Motor (300 kW/402 hp) Fr AC Induction/Rr AC Permanent Magnet
Horsepower 408 hp 346 hp
Torque 472 lb-ft 471 lb-ft
0-60 4.1 seconds 4.2 seconds
Driving Range 225 mi 322 mi
Battery Capacity 79.2 kwh 75 kwh

Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model 3 Dimensions

In this part of our Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model 3, we’ll cover the often overlooked facts and figures when it comes to dimensions. After all, you need to know how much yellow caution ribbon you’ll need to buy. Let’s face it; you’ll soon need to create a barrier from onlookers in your neighborhood who envy your Porsche Taycan. Such as it is, the Porsche Taycan stretches over 195″ in total length while standing 55″ high and 77.4″ wide. Cargo room includes 17 cubic feet of storage.

The Tesla Model 3 is 184.8″ from end to end while standing 56.8″ high and 72.8″ wide. With smaller proportions, you’ll only get 15 cubic feet of cargo volume. It leaves you wondering if limited space in the Tesla Model 3 is the reason for such a spartan cabin. There’s no place for extra finishing that makes you feel like you’re at home on the road. There’s not much space for anything at all. There’s no room for even a button in the cabin as all controls come from the center touchscreen (which takes up most of the dash space).

2022 Porsche Taycan 2022 Tesla Model 3
# of Passengers 4 5
Length 195.4 inches 184.8 inches
Width 77.5 inches 72.8 inches
Height 54.9 inches 56.8 inches

Your Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model 3 Red Carpet Review

While Tesla may have popularized EV mobility for the masses, you might enjoy knowing that Porsche was there first. In fact, the very first Porsche vehicle was all-electric. Join a pioneering & winning team when your lease a new Porsche Taycan. Lastly, and perhaps the most important fact to consider, is that we’re hosts of the world’s largest monthly outdoor car show called Caffeine and Octane. Will it be a Porsche Taycan vs. Model 3? Well, we can just say that there’s an exclusive part of the Concours reserved only for Porsche vehicles.

1Values are EPA estimates only. Your results will vary.


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