Porsche Pre-Owned Certified Program

Certified Pre-Owned Porsche

Whoever said online affairs never work has never seen our Porsche pre-owned certified vehicles page. Love at first sight is hard to ignore. The flames of romance are undeniable when you meet for the first time. So, who will you choose? How will they meet your needs? But most importantly, how long will the relationship last? Fortunately, the Porsche pre-owned certified program ensures that no matter how hard you fall in love, you’ll embark on a relationship that is virtually guaranteed to last. And if bumps in the road are encountered, you’ll have the support you need with our caring specialists.

Porsche Pre-Owned Certified Benefits at a Glance

Beyond the idea of a certified pre-owned vehicle, you’ll drive home with something Porsche Approved. Certified pre-owned Porsche vehicles uphold the factory’s highest standards and allow for one of the most unique qualifiers in the business. The Porsche pre-owned program covers vehicles that are 13 years out from their original in-service date with up to 124,000 original miles.

This says quite a bit about the lasting qualities of any Porsche vehicle, but it also demonstrates that the marque values its icons beyond the limits of the most recent generation. Your Porsche pre-owned warranty includes:

  • $0 Deductible repairs.
  • A 111 point factory inspection.
  • Stringent quality control.
  • Service by factory-trained technicians.
  • Usage of only Genuine Porsche parts & materials.
  • A two year/unlimited mile warranty after the original warranty expires or from the CPO sale date.
  • 24/7/365 Roadside Assistance.

After all, owning any Porsche vehicle is about embracing the thrill of the drive. What better way to fall in love with the road than with total confidence and peace of mind. To enhance your peace of mind, we’ve put together some answers to the most pressing questions that many of our Porsche pre-owned certified customers bring to the table.

What does Porsche Certified Pre-Owned cover?

The following components are included in coverage: comfort electronics, body components, braking system components (non-wearable), HVAC, electrical, steering & suspension, fuel delivery, cooling system components, engine & transmission.

What does Porsche certified pre-owned mean?

A certified pre-owned Porsche vehicle means that you drive home one of the finest pre-owned examples of a Porsche. Backed by the factory, you have the assurance of all network retailers that your Porsche is up for anything – wherever the road might take you.

Is a Porsche certified warranty worth it?

Any investment deserves to be protected. Considering the breadth of coverage from our certified pre-owned program, the value is almost incalculable should it ever come time to claim benefits.

Can you lease a pre-owned Porsche?

Yes, you can lease a pre-owned Porsche vehicle. This is a rather unique feature of our Porsche pre-owned certified program. You can lease the certified pre-owned Porsche of your choosing, provided it is a model from the last five years and that it has passed its 111 point inspection.

Your Certified Pre-Owned Porsche Warranty Goes the Distance

Our coverage is so comprehensive, you might just feel like you’re a Porsche pilot with the support of a pit crew during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Carrera Panamericana, or the World Endurance Championship (to name a few of our favorites). With the confidence of the factory at your back, there’s no limits to where your Porsche vehicle can take you.

Except for those limits that are self-imposed.

But that’s not you. You haven’t gotten to where you are in life because you accepted the status quo. You haven’t ticked all those boxes in life based on what others think. Bucket list? What does that even mean? Life is a never-ending stream of victorious pursuits. But perhaps now, for the first time, you’ll be chasing whatever flags remain for you to capture from behind the wheel of one of the world’s preeminent dream machines.

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