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Porsche Paint to Sample: Custom Color Match Program Overview

Porsche Paint to Sample: Custom Color Match Program Overview

The Porsche Paint to Sample program represents the next level of customization, empowering you to craft the luxury car or SUV of your dreams. This program goes beyond traditional paint selection and puts the ultimate power of personalization in your hands. Choose from a sweeping base of over 160 hues and curate a look that suits your taste.

If you opt for the Paint to Sample Plus program, the sky's the limit. Once, a customer ordered his orange 911 Turbo Cabriolet based on the unique hue of a saucer in a cherished tea set.

The Colorful History of Porsche Paint

Over the years, the palette of Porsche colors has expanded significantly. A few of these traditional hues have reached icon status. Guards Red, inspired by the Queen's soldiers, suggests racetrack-level performance. Speed Yellow, now rebranded as Racing Yellow, is as sporty as a color can be. One of Ferry Porsche's favorites, Irish Green, invokes compelling timelessness and sophistication. Whether you lean traditional or modern, you can order custom Porsche colors through Atlanta Porsche Perimeter today.

Porsche 911 Paint to Sample Color Configurations

For a luxury sports car such as the Porsche 911, custom paint colors are par for the course. Here are some options that pair well:

Porsche Paint to Sample: Custom Color Match Program Overview

What's your color?

Acid Green Porsche

Acid Green:

A striking, almost venomous hue that makes a bold statement on the road and in your driveway.

Dark Blue Metallic Porsche

Dark Blue Metallic:

This rich shade of blue sparkles in the sunshine and morphs into a moody near-black tone in the shade.

Amethyst Metallic Porsche

Amethyst Metallic:

True cherry red, this color is a deep burgundy with a black undertone, making it as versatile as it is sumptuous.

Custom-order your Porsche 911 with a color that matches your personality.

Porsche Cayenne Paint to Sample Color Configurations

Porsche Cayenne Paint to Sample Color Configurations

Place a Porsche Cayenne custom order to enjoy an SUV that echoes your refined style wherever you take it. Here are several highlights from the palette:

Dark Olive Metallic:

Reminiscent of the iconic Irish Green, this color presents a deeper, subtler shade of olive that strikes a resonant chord.

Utopia Blue Metallic:

Opt for this shade of blue-gray if an understated look is your aim. The calm color gets an edge thanks to the metallic hints.

Ipanema Brown Metallic:

Presenting a burnt orange, which becomes a decadent brown when shadow-dipped, this hue is both classic and unique.

Make a Porsche Cayenne your own by placing an order at Atlanta Porsche Perimeter today.

How to Get Started With Porsche Custom Colors

How to Get Started With Porsche Custom Colors

If you're ready to claim your unique hue, here are your options for what comes next:

Porsche Paint to Sample Program

Once you've made your pick from our ever-expanding palette of Porsche Paint to Sample colors, give our team at Atlanta Porsche Perimeter a call. We are your home for Porsche services and needs and can steer you toward the next step in colorizing your vehicle.

Porsche Paint to Sample Plus Program

Operating from "Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur," the department responsible for high-level custom orders, our painters will listen to your stories, study your references or swatches, and hand-mix a bespoke color tailored to you. Eight months later, or a little longer for Chromaflair finish, you'll feel the satisfaction of experiencing your beloved auto investment dipped in one-of-a-kind paint. Contact our team today to get started.

Porsche Paint to Sample at Atlanta Porsche Perimeter

Place your Porsche custom order at Atlanta Porsche Perimeter, and we'll handle the rest. Share your unique character with a model color representing your style and make a statement that outperforms the expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find a Porsche paint code?

Whether under the hood, in the cargo area, inside the driver's side door, or elsewhere in your luxury model, the Porsche Paint code doesn't have a standard location. We recommend contacting our Atlanta Porsche Perimeter team and providing your model's release year for more information. You can also consult your driver's manual for more specifics on where to find your paint code.

How much does a custom Porsche cost?

Although there is an additional payment on top of the MSRP of your model, the cost of going through the Porsche Paint to Sample program to colorize your vehicle can vary based on several factors. Our sales technicians will make themselves available to discuss the custom order process and any costs associated with personalizing the paint color for your car or SUV.

How many colors are available in the Paint to Sample program?

The Porsche Paint to Sample program offers a base library of more than 160 colors to customize your Porsche car or SUV. With seemingly endless options, the best Porsche colors are up to you. You might prefer an iconic color from the archives, or perhaps you prefer to choose a unique hue instead. We suggest choosing the color that catches your eye and feels right for you.

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