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Welcome to a thrilling world of near-endless options; your custom order Porsche will make your high-performance dreams a reality. Of course, every Porsche vehicle is a luxurious thrill ride, but what if you want it to be tailored to your exacting specifications? That’s what we’re here to help with, and when you submit a custom order, you’ll discover a way to personalize every last detail, inside and out.

You’ll find all the steps involved in the ordering process on this page, a look at what customization options you have, as well as how our premier Porsche dealer will lend a hand along the way. Read on, get dreaming, and get in touch today.

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How to Order a Custom Porsche

Imagine the thrill of meeting your Porsche vehicle for the first time. Built to order, she’s everything you’ve wanted right down to the finest detail. Fortunately, one of the two elite Porsche Experience Centers (PEC) is right here in Atlanta, GA.

So, not only can you efficiently craft your bespoke Porsche vehicle right here with us, but you can also elect to have your presentation at the PEC. Test your Porsche (and your nerves) as your instructor shows you what your vehicle is capable of on our purpose-built track. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular models and ordering considerations with each:

    • Your Custom Porsche 911: Perhaps the most storied model in our portfolio, your most significant choice with a 911 will be whether it’s a coupe or cabriolet. Extensive personalization details aside, you’ll want to ask your design specialist about AWD, GPS-guided front-end lift, and rear-tire temperature monitoring in the Sport Chrono package.


    • Your Custom Porsche Boxster: This mid-engine marvel puts the visceral experience of a Porsche sports car front and center. Choose from three engine options (including the new GTS 4.0L) introduced this year and head straight to the track. If telepathic performance is what you’re after, the Porsche Boxster should be a top choice.


    • Your Custom Porsche Cayman: The coupe sibling of the Porsche Boxster offers drivers plenty of reasons to get excited this year. Adaptive headlights, dual-zone climate control, and Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™ are just some of the nameplate’s newly appointed standard features. Ask your specialist about the Sport Seat Plus package for ultimate comfort as your Cayman slices effortlessly through any chicane.


    • Your Custom Porsche Panamera: For those of you needing more than Porsche 2+2 seating, the Porsche Panamera is your answer. Driver and passengers can enjoy all the fun of this agile Porsche model, which is available as a Hybrid or bi-turbo V-8. Be sure to ask about the Executive trim if even more space is required. New custom colors are also available, such as Cherry Red and Truffle Brown.


    • Your Custom Porsche Cayenne: Take your Porsche vehicle’s performance and love of the drive anywhere. The largest SUV from Porsche automakers is ideal for families looking to break the mold while chasing endless horizons. Four engines are available to suit your needs, including a Hybrid. Ask about the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe variant, which offers a distinctive flourish of fastback design.


    • Your Custom Porsche Macan: It means getting into a compact Porsche SUV with total confidence and zero compromise. Outfit yours with the Premium Package and have upgraded audio and adaptive headlights on every adventure. Destroy boring commutes with the Sport Chrono Package including launch control, tunable drive modes, and more.


So many custom Porsches. So little time. How do we reconcile having so many desirable models in one place when most of us have room at home for just about three of them? There’s a simple answer: Come visit us any time at our stunning showroom in Atlanta. And yes, we do mean at any time. It’s understandable that some of you might need to take a gander through our windows at 2AM. Or get a restful night’s sleep and see us at the exclusive Porsche Corner, during our monthly meet-up at Caffeine and Octane, the world’s largest monthly car show. Dress to impress as you may end up on TV.

Ordering a Porsche From the Factory Gives You Unparalleled Options

The Porsche ordering process involves the thrilling models and tantalizing trims you’d expect and a whole lot of details that may take you by surprise.

As legendary as the Porsche brand is for high-performance driving and glorious looks, it’s as iconic for bespoke customization that goes deeper than just about any other sports-car builder; you can even customize the air vents.

Sure, the typical stuff like upholstery materials, wheel designs, and sound system options are fun to configure and can make your Porsche stand out. But what if your want some truly unique detailing that makes your custom Porsche unmistakably yours? You can get it with a custom factory order.

So what’s possible? Just about anything.

Let’s say you’re looking at the iconic Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. The center console lid can be trimmed in leather that’s embossed with your logo or a motivational phrase for your next track day. The seatbelts can be just about any color you want. The floor mats can be made out of carbon fiber. The engine bay can be painted with exclusive paint schemes. You can even wrap the sun visors in colored leather.

This, though, is all just the beginning of what’s possible. The Porsche of your dreams can be a reality no matter how lofty these dreams may be; your Porsche insurance can even be customized to fit your needs and wants. Contact us today, and we’ll show you every last option you have available; schedule some time off in advance, though. There’s a lot to discover.

Porsche Custom Order Delivery Time

We’ll take a guess and assume you’re daydreaming about how your perfect Porsche will look. Take your time. Speaking of time, the next thing that’ll come to mind is how long the wait is for your custom order Porsche. Big dreams take time, and your Porsche order will typically take around three months to come to life.

With that said, current supply chain issues may extend this estimate; we’ll notify you of updates as they happen, and you’ll receive a personalized link to use with the Porsche Track Your Dream service. You’ll be able to see when every step of the production process is complete with this service and will know precisely when your custom order Porsche is ready for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Order Porsche

How long does it take to custom order a Porsche?

In most cases, you will receive your Porsche in approximately 12 weeks from the time the factory receives your specifications. You can receive updates or check on progress along the way, but the 12-week rule is generally a safe time frame.

Is there a discount on custom order cars?

Unfortunately no. When you are creating a vehicle that is built specifically for you, every stroke of the brush (and subsequent charge) is at the command of your commission. We do, however, offer fantastic financing options through Porsche Financial Services.

What is the waiting time for a factory-ordered car?

Most custom Porsche vehicles will arrive for delivery in about three months. However, your particular build may take longer given global supply chain constraints due to COVID-19. Should your vehicle encounter a delay of this kind, you will be notified in real-time, though we can often advise on extended turnaround time when your vehicle is configured.

How do I use the Porsche Order Tracking Guide?

Ordering a custom Porsche is a special occasion. As such, you will be given a unique link to the Porsche Track Your Dream platform. From there, you will be able to identify key milestones in your build process with the ability to freeze production for certain changes as well as its departure from Germany and more.

Can you order a Porsche online?

Yes, and we recommend that you do. Ordering a Porsche online is an exciting process and one that opens the door to an unparalleled world of customization. You can personalize everything from exterior graphics to the air vents with an online order, and the result will be a Porsche that can’t be mistaken for anything but your Porsche.

Build Your Porsche in Atlanta, GA Today

At Porsche Atlanta Perimeter, we’re dedicated to helping drivers capture the spirit of the brand’s near century-long history, and from Porsche lease deals to custom orders, we offer an experience tailored to your dreams.

Whether you have a precise picture in your mind of what your perfect Porsche looks like, or you want our expert advice to help you customize your Porsche order, contact us today to get started with your Porsche custom order.

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