Guide to Porsche’s Dashboard Light Indicator Meanings

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Porsche DashboardYou’ve driven tens of thousands of miles without a hitch. And then it happens. The dreaded dashboard light illuminates.

Now, you know the basics. The gas light means you need gas. The oil light means you need an oil change. You even know when your car is telling you to add air to your tires.

But this one is different…

And it looks alarming.

Dashboard lights are signs that your car needs attention. But our cars need all kinds of attention. Some of it is simple and some more complex.

So what do those Porsche dashboard lights mean?

In this post, we’re going to highlight the indicators that are most likely to be dangerous. And we’re also going to share a handy guide to help you determine what that Porsche indicator light means at a glance.

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ABS light

These Porsche warning lights aren’t always a sign of a major failure, but in case it is, you must get it checked right away. The light that will illuminate with the letters ABS, and when it does, it means something is malfunctioning in your anti-lock braking system. The good news is that this light most often indicates something wrong with the sensors and not the actual braking system. But if it is the braking system, this is a crucial repair that can be extremely dangerous to ignore.

Airbag light

You may have seen this Porsche dash light illuminate when you place your groceries on the passenger seat. This is because your car is actually smart enough to know that it’s not a human sitting on the seat. And even if it were a human, the weight is distributed in such a way that it would be dangerous for the airbag to deploy. Airbags are life-saving devices, but they can also be dangerous in some situations. If your car detects one of these situations, it will prevent the airbag from deploying, and you’ll see the airbag light illuminate. Now, if this light seems to illuminate for no reason or stays on for an extended period of time, there’s likely a problem with your airbag that needs to be addressed. Get your car to the dealer for a checkup stat.

Automatic transmission malfunction

The Porsche automatic transmission malfunction light will illuminate whenever the sensor detects any abnormal readings. And since the automatic transmission is an important part of your vehicle, if this light illuminates, your car needs immediate attention.

Even if the car drives exactly the same as it did yesterday, there may be an underlying issue that could lead to a costly repair if you don’t get it checked right away.

The automatic transmission light could indicate issues with temperature, fluid levels, and the overall pressure within your transmission system.

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Check engine light

The check engine light is like the universal symbol that something is wrong with your vehicle, and it’s always important. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an expensive repair. It could be something as simple as a gas cap that isn’t on quite right. But don’t ignore this light because it could also indicate a serious issue like a faulty catalytic converter. The light itself won’t tell you exactly what’s wrong, so you need to get your Porsche to the service center stat.

Above, we’ve outlined some of the common indicator lights that you absolutely can’t ignore. But in truth, you shouldn’t ignore any indicator light.

Your car can’t quite talk to you, but the indicator system is the next best thing. And if your car is asking for attention, you’re going to want to deliver. This is the best way to avoid expensive repairs or dangerous breakdowns.


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