Certified Pre-Owned Porsche Discounts And Finance Deals In Atlanta, GA

Commitment to outstanding quality and a price that’ll delight make up the beauty of our certified pre-owned Porsche deals. But the beauty runs deep, much deeper than that. When you fall in love with a new Porsche vehicle, you can be sure that every single nut and bolt meets the demanding standards of Stuttgart craftsmanship. In the unlikely chance that one isn’t, a warranty has your back. What if you could get that confidence in a used Porsche? In fact, you can.

With our certified pre-owned Porsche inventory, true dedication is revealed. It’s a commitment to brand history like none other. Some of the most meaningful standards out there and equally inspiring benefits all await when you choose one. We’re here to offer you even more value. Hand-picked for their stand-out quality, the specials on this page will provide you with years, if not decades, of luxurious and exhilarating driving. Browse away, and drive home the certified pre-owned Porsche deals of your dreams.

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A Certified Used Porsche Offers More

Elevate the used-car experience. With standards as high as the Porsche vehicles you love were built with, the Porsche certified pre-owned (CPO) program bestows confidence like you’d find in new Porsche cars for sale — but with a price like a used vehicle. We take that proposition further with our CPO specials. Two principles act as the pillar for the Porsche CPO program:

Engineering and quality integrity: Building a car is half the battle. Sure, the first couple of years may go by without a hitch, but what about five years down the road? What about a decade later? Every Porsche vehicle is built with the long-term in mind. But merely saying that isn’t enough — standing behind it is. With the Porsche CPO program, that integrity gets put on full display.

Pure driving pleasure: You can look at a vehicle as a simple appliance to get you from home to work when commuting in Atlanta, GA, or you can look at it as a companion who makes the ride worth looking forward to. Every Porsche vehicle is designed and made with the latter in mind. Whether it was a 911, Cayenne, or any other model you dreamt about taking the wheel of, the CPO program gives you an alternative way to get in on that dream — and our certified pre-owned Porsche specials let you do so at a competitive price.

The Certified Pre-Owned Benefits

So those are the pillars of our certified pre-owned Porsche deals. The value built atop them is where things get even more attractive. It starts with a couple of requirements to even be considered, the first of which is age. Specifically, any Porsche vehicle considered must be less than 13 years past its original in-service date. This happens to be one of the longest windows for CPO consideration, a testament to that quality integrity. The other is a similar story, namely that the vehicle must have less than 124,000 miles.

But how do you ensure that quality meets the Porsche factory’s approval standards? With a 111-point inspection carried out by factory-certified Porsche technicians. The next step is to meet or exceed the Porsche factory prep standards. Part of that means any certified pre-owned Porsche deals you find will include service carried out with only genuine Porsche parts. What’s more, that service and any other work must have been carried out by factory-certified Porsche technicians.

Peace of mind achieved. Few used cars can claim such meticulous care. But a CPO Porsche takes it further, giving you a comprehensive warranty to boot. A two-year/unlimited-mile warranty kicks in once the original new vehicle warranty expires, or on the CPO sale date. There’s no deductible for warranty-related work, service at any authorized Porsche dealer with only genuine Porsche parts, and two years and unlimited miles of 24/7 roadside assistance. Used-car confidence and value don’t get much better than that, especially with our certified pre-owned Porsche finance deals.

Discover the Ride of Your Dreams

Stop by today and discover a showroom floor that provides years’ worth of fuel for your automotive daydreams. A personalized experience awaits, no matter your needs. We’re confident you’ll enjoy taking a look at the premiere Porsche models, and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy driving one home with our Porsche lease deals and CPO specials.

Give us a call or email today with any questions regarding our CPO deals; we’ll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Porsche?

A certified pre-owned Porsche vehicle is a used car with a quality-assured difference. It starts with high standards for long-term quality, demanding factors like service only carried out with genuine Porsche parts by Porsche-certified technicians. A 111-point inspection ensures everything is up-to-spec, and a comprehensive warranty ensures it stays that way. In essence, with a certified pre-owned Porsche, you’re getting new-car confidence for the price of a used car.

Is the Porsche CPO warranty transferable?

Yes, you can transfer your remaining warranty coverage to a new owner. There are conditions, though, namely that the warranty will be void if the vehicle is sold or traded to an unauthorized Porsche dealer.

What voids the Porsche CPO warranty?

A few things. First, it will be void if the vehicle is sold or traded to an unauthorized Porsche dealer. As well, damage from neglect can void the warranty, along with any service performed outside of an authorized Porsche service center. Unauthorized modifications may also void your Porsche CPO warranty. As well, any damage or parts failure caused by racetrack driving will not be covered, and if it was not a Porsche-sponsored event, it might void the warranty.

Are Certified Pre-Owned Porsche cars worth it?

Yes. You’ve dreamed about owning a Porsche vehicle for years, maybe even decades. The commitment to quality the manufacturer sets forth means that any Porsche vehicle less than 13 years old can become a CPO vehicle. Ensuring it’s up to factory standards, a CPO Porsche will provide new-car levels of confidence at a used-car price, along with many years of driving joy.